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CNC ceramic Cutting Machine:
  ATS-800 type CNC-width-modulated cutting machine can be described as a weapon in the tile processing, it has incomparable advantages of traditional cutting machine:

1, digital automatic resizing, so that you no longer have to worry about for a variety of specifications of various sizes to adjust, control accuracy up to 0.3 mm or less;
2, front and back twice in the head, on the tile to open automatic continuous cutting with no chipping of the cutting, the size of the top advantages;

3, low breakage rate, stable performance, energy saving, high efficiency;

4, can no longer continuous operation of the surface tensile slot;

5, automatic monitoring of a fault condition, the maintenance more convenient.

ATS-800 NC-width-modulated cutting machine leading design, stable performance, energy saving and less consumption, high efficiency, the use of low-cost, to bring you high-quality products and good economic benefits.