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ATY-1200 arc lines
The performance of the arc polishing machine upgrade a set of solutions. An upgraded version of it in the arc polishing revolutionary breakthrough, the cambered processing out of the gloss of 90 or more, than the polished tile finish high arc size gave meaning to adjust, ceramics, stone cambered or 45 degrees for processing ease, but also because the accessories of heavy technology deepening configuration, lower unit costs, the effect is more perfect, complete the deep processing and comprehensive appreciation of the ordinary products! Polished tiles foot line will get a pleasant surprise. And it is convenient, running balance, no vibration, low noise the competition index obvious advantages. Become a new favorite in the market is inevitable!
The arc lines polishing machine can process stair treads foot line. Cascade brick L .45 degrees. Edge of the arc non-slip grooves ceramic stone tile processing, an increase in the arc polishing machine based on: shaped lines. French side waist. duck mouth edge of Rome and other functions

Function: edging chamfer arc polishing. Slotted .45 degrees chamfer polishing after chamfering

Cascade bricks produced by the arc lines polishing machine foot line quality is perfect, very low processing costs for decorative works amplified high-end luxury.