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Used for piling up 600 x 600, 800 x 800 tiles before packing procedure. 
1. 30 pcs/min 
2. Save labour cost. 

Tile Stacking Machine

porcelain tile packaging

ceramic stacking machine


1. Introduction:


This machine is applicable to pile up 600mm x 600mm or 800mm x 800mm tiles one stack by one stack to facilitate the packing procedure.


The tiles from polishing or squaring lines will be placed face-to-back between each two neighbouring tiles by a certain pieces as one stack.


2. Features:


1. Well organized structure. Connections to the production lines can be easliy accomplished without too much revising of the machine.

2. Stable performance & easy operation. It is easy for the operators to learn how to use. 

3. Low maintenance cost. All the comsumables or spare parts are in national standard.